December 20, 2011 at 10:02 pm

Sabotage- Black Sabbath


Black Sabbath was some heavy stuff. It was heavy back then and it’s heavy to this day. The pounding drums, the down-tuned guitars, Ozzy Osbourne’s deathly screech. Nobody quite captured that feeling of doom and dread like early 70′s Black Sabbath. It’s too bad that Ozzy Osbourne went on to a generic Hard rock solo career. He had some potential. I’d wager that Sabotage is the last Black Sabbath album worth listening to. People argue in favor of some of the Ronnie James Dio fronted Black Sabbath albums but that stuff isn’t Sabbath. Dio’s Operatic vocals just didn’t fit the Sabbath mold. Dio was a very good singer, he just wasn’t the right match for Sabbath. Therefore, it didn’t sound like Black Sabbath. Anyways, back to Sabotage. It doesn’t meet the heights of Paranoid or Master of Reality but I don’t expect it to. It’s just a good early 70′s Metal album. That’s all I would want it to be. Songs like Hole In The Sky and Symptom of The Universe are good additions to the Black Sabbath catalog and both are better than the most famous Black Sabbath song, Iron Man. Every album after this one is either lackluster or down right horrible. So this album is the last flash or greatness from those heavy metal pioneers, Black Sabbath. Savor it. And I know this isn’t even close to being a long review, but I wrote it last night and I felt that it was good enough to be published, despite it’s length. If you disagree, then comment on this article’s link on Facebook. Or don’t and keep your rage bottled up deep inside where it will grow into a tumor. Hows that for a Christmas blessing?